No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★½

The 007 franchise being one of the only two mainstream franchise that I used to love as a kid and still love it as it hasn’t been ruined like others. This turned out to be a great farewell for Daniel Craig who for me produced the best bond movies and was more classy and better than others, saying that with all due respect to Sir Sean Connery and Roger Moore. 

The film starts with the trademark opening action scene that was perfect in every way and was good as any opening Bond sequence. The turnaround in this one was that we usually see Bond chasing criminals.. but in this one he was being chased instead. 

The chemistry between Craig and Lea Seydoux was top notch. And about Ana de Armas, damn I have to admit I had difficulty keeping my head straight during her screen time and was on full simping mode, so that part was more of a distraction. 

As expected Rami Malek nailed it in this one. I’m the kind of guy who mostly loves prolific villains like him and didn’t for a second rooted against him throughout the movie by being neutral in terms of picking sides. 

The overall writing in terms of killing characters and their deaths could have been better. I also didn’t liked the new 007, can’t help it. So my rating for this would be somewhere around 3.5-4, by the end of the day I was just happy to watch a movie in theatre after almost a year because of the pandemic with Tenet being the last one that I saw.

Daniel Craig for me was the perfect Bond and filling his boots with the kind of bar he set won’t be easy. So I’d rather see this franchise getting closed than someone ruining it all, like what if they cast Ben Affleck as the next Bond? Hell No!

Daniel Craig as 007

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