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  • Queen of Earth

    Queen of Earth

    For the most part, Queen of Earth didn't do anything for me. Good acting, good cinematography, GREAT score, but the writing was weak, so I was always aware I was watching people act, which is always an unpleasant thing. I don't know, I'm pretty alone in this, but I feel like Alex Ross Perry mimics other directors' styles so intensely (Polanski in this, Woody Allen in Listen Up Philip), and so the end result always comes off lackluster and disingenuous.…

  • The Tribe

    The Tribe

    One of the most unique pieces of cinema I've ever seen. Intriguing, gut-wrenching, brutal, and unflinching, The Tribe is an absolute must-see.

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  • Interstellar



    "I hate space travel. Everyone gets older, I stay the same age."

  • In Bruges

    In Bruges


    "Maybe that's what Hell is. The rest of eternity spent in fucking Bruges."

    Martin McDonagh's In Bruges is the biggest surprise I've encountered this year. What seems by its description a standard "crime gone wrong" story is, in actuality, a film not quite like anything I've seen before. I found myself always unsure where the plot was heading and in a constant state of surprise as to the conventions it shrugs off, humanizes, and at times literally laughs at.