Disintegration Loop 1.1 ★★★★★

I don't remember 9/11 happening, at least not in the visceral way people who were a little older than I was at the time did. I just remember a sort of "bad day" for 6 year old me where everyone was really quiet.

Like most Americans at this point, I've seen a lot of media concerning the attack to varying degrees of poignancy. The Nic Cage firefighter movie is something that will almost certainly be forgot to time, if it hasn't already. The Reddit popular cuts of news footage all synced up will stay around, probably get used in other media because it does impart that viscera everyone who was paying attention got, without the melodrama that feels like the Pentagon got a say in how it plays out.

This though... this might be the truest item of 21st century art so far. I could try and write something about the technical aspects, the space in the frame, the darkness that sets in over time...

But honestly, there's nothing you can't get from the title. "The Disintegration Loops" as a phrase encapsulates post-9/11 US in a way that nothing else has come close to yet.