The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★

A charming and vastly entertaining film that tells the tale of how a lobby boy became the owner of The Grand Budapest Hotel. Just like any other Wes Anderson film, this has his fresh and unique style that is paired with witty and well-written dialogue but in this film he is maybe at his best. The visuals are at their most vibrant and aesthetically pleasing and the humour has never been so clever and precise. Something about the way swearing was used was hilarious and in a film as light and playful as this, it stands out. The same can be said for the few violent moments which contrasted perfectly with the tone of the film. 

The cast is fantastic with Wes choosing the best actors for each role. It’s honestly difficult trying to imagine someone else playing these characters. Ralph Fiennes was easily the best and gives a superb comedic performance with his line delivery, expressions and just overall acting skills being incredibly on point. The film also moves at a very rapid pace and doesn’t get dull for a second as it just doesn’t have time for that. It just keeps moving and moving. However I did feel that the ending was quite rushed as it ends on a rather sad note and this was where I would’ve liked the film to slow down as it didn’t give us any time to feel sad for what had just happened. 

Still I do think The Grand Budapest is a very fun and memorable film and is easily one of the better comedies to have been released during the last decade.

This is my 500th film and I've decided to update by favourites list by expanding it. 

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