Upgrade ★★★

Upgrade has aspects many great aspects within it and even though I do have negative criticisms with it, the good ends up outweighing the bad because what I liked in this film, I really liked. The action is undoubtedly the best thing about the film and the fact that they made those thrilling set pieces with the budget they had is very impressive. The camerawork takes those scenes to new heights with it following the protagonist’s movements and the cinematography is greater than what you’d find in most regular action films. Unfortunately when there isn’t an action scene, the film’s budget can show as it sometimes looks and feels cheap. Some of the sets and way certain futuristic aspects look seems uninspired and bland. I would’ve really liked to see more stuff similar to the guns implanted into the villains’ arms. The characters to me weren’t very compelling either and the dialogue is often not great with it even being close to cheesy at times and some stuff just don’t make much sense. I also have mixed thoughts on the ending. 

I’d recommend Upgrade if you like well-done action but don’t expect too much more than that. It’s overall a good film that is enjoyable but isn’t quite worth the hype in my opinion.  

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