Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

if the characterization of peter parker weren’t so blatantly stolen from miles in attempt to make peter into an uwu soft boi because in the comics he’s kinda a dick and they didn’t want to admit that because it didn’t fit the tony-stark-idolizing, innocent boi look they wanted mcu peter to have, this mignt actually be one of the best marvel movies made. it feels more like a self contained story (without the post-endgame stuff, which doesn’t feel clunky) unlike 90% of the other mcu movies, but that’s the advantage of coming after the infinity saga and no longer having to work up to something bigger (until secret wars). Mysterio really steals the show though because his portrayal is the most accurate page-to-screen adaptation of a marvel character in the mcu, so watching him is genuinely entertaining. despite mysterio relying on science rather than magic for the illusions, it still has a really nice comicy feel that made this movie really enjoyable. 

re: multiverse

i LOVE mysterio introducing the idea of a multiverse only for that to be a lie. the subtle nod to comic fans when he refers to mcu earth as earn-616 is even clever because it *isnt* earth-616, mcu earth is earth-199999, but that’s a bit of a mouthful, and mysterio is a lying liar who lies, so you can’t blame him. all of his lies and manipulation worked so well for his character, and jake g. played them off so well in tandem with the showman-egotistical shtick that mysterio is so known for in true comics, so from the subtle lie about losing his family (he has no known family in the comics that i could find or was familiar with! please correct me if i’m wrong), to the claims of a multiverse, i found myself so enamored by him. am i disappointed we don’t get a multiverse? yeah. do i like how it was played off? absolutely. 

oh, way to make tony stark the secondary villain. 

tony stark did a lot of good in this movie. from E.D.I.T.H. to “the next tony stark” (not “the next iron man”. got me in my UWUS!!) it felt like a nice send off until... beck revealing tony was the reason he went bad. oof. the timing was necessary, but felt so, so, bad.  i’ve never been the biggest fan of tony stark, and i do enjoy he tendancy of the mcu writers to accidentally make him the villain (thank you civil war) and while beck is the anti tony icon i deserve, having tony as the motivation, at its core, felt tacky, cheap, and like a cop out? i’m just ready for the day we can have a marvel, specifically spider-man, movie that doesn’t have to hinge on tony stark. he doesn’t need to be in everything or the cause of everything. i’m sick of it, marvel, do better!!!!!

that said, the little sequence of peter channeling tony was really cute. i don’t like the whole irondad thing, but seeing peter grow into himself and happy being so proud of him was heartwarming as hell. 

oh and that mid-credit????? WOW!!! i know i should have more of a take away but all i’ve got is: J. JONAH JAMESON!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!

and having fury and hill be skrulls the whole time?????? what??????? kinda weird but i’m into it. 

overall, i enjoyed this movie a lot but the characterization of peter will always been an issue for me because it’s so blatantly wrong and, at its core, is whitewashing. but, mysterio makes up for it and the overall feel of this being *comicy* made it an overall entertaining and genuinely pleasing film.

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