Dial M for Murder

Dial M for Murder ★★★★★

Do you really believe in a perfect murder?

Dial M for Murder is simply a genius work. There is mostly one location which conveniently becomes a place of murder planning and its execution. And from the very beginning till the very end you will be seeing this place exclusively with the characters trying to outwit each other. And what makes this film so great is a complete subversion of one's expectations. Almost nothing turns out just like the characters want it which creates a very intense atmosphere. The score heavily contributes to it as well.

Ray Milland is perfect for a role like that. He tries to think two steps ahead and predict his opponent's movement, but at the same time gets carried away by his personal vendetta. Grace Kelly has a special role in this film. We'll be seeing an attempt of her beauty getting violently broken and that's truly a devastating sight. John Williams is amazing at explaining everything we might or might not notice during the watch and most of the time he asks questions faster than the viewers might think of them. Robert Cummings' role is also much more important than one might think, especially in the third act.

That third act is a genius mastermind that's easy to miss, but also easy to understand. Watching it for the second time, you still notice something new and the revelation comes as a shock at you. You can also see that this film was made with 3D in mind and there are scenes that feel differently and give you much more immersive experience. But even without all that, Dial M for Murder is as captivating as it gets.

Still 10/10

Alfred Hitchcock

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