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This review may contain spoilers.

I love it when a movie surprises the hell outta me! This movie was top to bottom NOT what I was expecting. The trailer really played up the hunting aspect of it, and I was shocked at how little of the movie focuses on the titular hunt.

What I really love is how the film is a masterclass in political satire, poking fun at both sides, more specifically the extremists on both sides who give both liberals and conservatives the bad name and negative stereotypes we often associate them with. I was worried the film would take a side and just use the film as an excuse for jabbing at the other side, but no, the film lives in this murky grey area where it really makes you ponder on if someone says or does something horrible, or something you disagree with, are you within your rights to react, in some cases with violence, and in doing so, are YOU justified and a good person, or just as deplorable as the people you're going after. The film rides this line with such ease and should incite plenty of debate afterwards.

Betty Gilpin plays such a badass, reminding me of a combination of Ripley from Alien, mixed with Samara Weaving's character in 'Ready or Not'. She plays Crystal as a really damaged woman, who's textures and backstory creep through little by little, instead of a massive exposition dump that a poorly handled script would offer. She's amazing. And it's so great to see Hilary Swank in a role like this! She's fully invested and it shows! Playing a woman who's damaged in her own ways by her actions, and while really fucked up in her repercussions, does a nice job giving the other side some character as well.

Damon Lindelof has let me down time after time after time at the cinema. But between this, and HBO's 'Watchmen', he's really earned his way back into my good graces. And Craig Zobel as the director really did some nice touches with the directing from time to time that shows he's got some stuff up his sleeve that I'd like to see!

My only issues with the movie are that I wish at times they would've played back on the stereotypes to the point of having these characters seem like political comic strip characters, and not real-seeming people. It's not the whole time, but when it happens it does draw you out of the movie for a brief period.

In fairness, calling this the best movie of 2020 isn't much to say, with Coronavirus sweeping the nation and many wide-release movies being pushed over and over again, who knows what this will even have to compete with. But, for now, this is my favorite movie of 2020, and I can't wait to see it again.