Hereditary ★½

Aims for a home run, but strikes out before it can get past the first act.

Man, this was a major disappointment. 

It’s clear Aster has watched indie horror films of late (hence what probably caught A24’s attention) and late 60s/70s classics. Yet unlike It Follows, The Babadook & The Witch, Hereditary lacks a desire to establish pathos that engages its themes, which are so haphazardly spelled out in every scene instead of letting them develop organically between characters. 

This will fall prey to the “scary” hype, but as we’ve seen recently, good horror doesn’t have to be traditionally scary — or “scary” by what 15-year olds want. 

Collette is fine, but hysteria — for me — doesn’t always make a performance stand out for the right reasons. Wolff is, at times, unwatchable. Shapiro is the real star.

As Collette’s Annie says, “And what a waste.”

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