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  • Pierrot le Fou

    Pierrot le Fou


    "Life may be sad, but it's always beautiful."

    So colourful, so charming, and above all else, so Godard.

  • Close-Up



    "Is there anything I can do for you?"
    "You could make a film about my suffering."

    This rewatch was long overdue considering the fact that I think about this film almost every day. Very few films have had such a profound effect on me and this rewatch was a perfect reminder of why I love film.

    RIP Kiarostami, and thank you for everything.

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  • Nathan for You: Finding Frances

    Nathan for You: Finding Frances


    "It's easy to look at someone else's life as a cautionary tale. After all, no one wants to be old and filled with regret. But if you look closer and see that that life is filled with moments of sincere joy, however fleeting, it's hard to say if it was really a bad life after all."

    Dammit Nathan, I came here to laugh, not to cry.

  • Logan



    I had ridiculously high expectations going into this film and somehow it completely surpassed them. This is the x-men/wolverine movie I've wanted forever and it's finally here - the wait was 100% worth it. My mind is completely blown from how amazing this film is and right now I honestly can't find a negative thing to say about it.