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  • Showgirls



    what i ask rn is your attention. you've put up with me and you've put up with my logs that seemingly going on forever. i go on and on and on, and instead of telling me to shut up, you listen to me. i love you guys. so tonight, give me that. because what i'm about to write is probably the most important thing i will ever say on here.

    i'm in niagra falls for a few days on vacation…

  • Guilty of Romance

    Guilty of Romance


    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the scene at the dinner table with Izumi, Mitsuko, her mother, and Kaoru is easily the most uneasy, uncomfortable scene ever lol. 

    Hurry up and die, you old hag.

    *gleefully* Why don’t you die instead, dear?

    The constant thumping in the last forty minutes, that begins as a scene transition and then increases, gives me a crazy amount of anxiety. It definitely adds to the confusion/sadness in the moment when Mitsuko…

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  • Color of Night

    Color of Night


    You stick your dick in a barrel of barracudas once, maybe you won't lose it. You leave it in there, it's gonna get chewed off at the root.

    Lmfao ^^^

    This is like......very bad lol. That scene in the pool is beyond awkward, nothing erotic about it in the slightest. What’s with the underwater kissing lol? It’s also very obvious how visibly uncomfortable Jane March is with all of it.

    Unbelievably disappointed with this.

  • The Funeral

    The Funeral


    [sitting next to Johnny’s casket] You look better now than you ever did, you know that?

    Hard hitting ...

    Some of the best performances in any Ferrara film. There’s definitely a lot of patience being asked here and the jumping around between flashbacks may seem uneven at first, that’s why I thought this viewing was much better. Not a gangster film but a bleak portrait of a family’s misery and the life they have chosen. Emphasis on misery. So fucking…

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  • New Rose Hotel

    New Rose Hotel


    Your friend sold us out to Maas. They don’t care about Hiroshi. They swapped him, for a chance to wipe out Hosaka’s entire team. 


    They turned her in Vienna. I should’ve seen it coming.

    ^ This exchange right here gives me the chills every single time. Love the slow movement over the Tokyo skyline, cross faded with X and Fox trying to leave the Hyatt hotel. 

    This is most noticeable in the scene right after they show Sandii the…

  • Solaris



    You mean more to me than any scientific truth.

    One of the greatest things ever conceived. Life changing shit. I’m at school rn and I’m fucking exhausted because I stayed up for this but it’s totally worth it. One day I’ll be able to write an essay on this that I’m proud of. But at the moment I’m speechless. Favorite Tark at this point.