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  • Twin Peaks: The Return

    Twin Peaks: The Return


    Gotta light?

    Simply the greatest thing ever created. THE greatest. I finished all of it with my girlfriend a few days ago (my fourth watch, her first) but it has taken me a long time to get all of my thoughts together.

    The first scene of Part 1 with Cooper and the Fireman is definitely the most important as it applies to the events of Part 18. Initially the Fireman’s words to remember “Richard and Linda,” would appear he is…

  • Showgirls



    When she sees Nomi I think she definitely sees a younger version of herself. It’s a very narcissistic kind of relationship. It’s perfect - I always loved that the first time they meet each other it’s in a mirror.
    - Gina Gershon on Cristal

    Those reflections are visible from the first time Nomi sees Cristal emerging from the volcano, mastering the hand motion immediately after seeing her do it on stage. Later when Cristal takes her to lunch at the…

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  • Phenomena



    Q&A with Dario Argento

    World Premiere of 4K Restoration

    Man this audience was fun. It was clear to me that most of them hadn’t seen it because they were calling out in shock and applauding. During the final act I was waiting for certain moments just anticipating their reaction lol. And Argento’s discussion afterward was fantastic! His description of the film as an exploration of two lonely girls (Jennifer and Inga, the monkey) is a lense I hadn’t looked at…

  • Welcome to New York

    Welcome to New York


    Q&A with Abel Ferrara and Chris Zois
    Followed by a performance by Abel and Composer Joe Delia

    I will always remember today as one of the best days of my life. I met my favorite director, spoke with him for a considerable amount of time, and got to see two of his rarely screened films in a theater with Ashriya. It had also been a really long time since I had seen this one. It felt like the first time…

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  • Bleeder



    To come home and be treated to this masterpiece was a blessing. What stuck out to me was when they were watching a film, and someone gets shot in the film. Leo makes a point of saying: “That’s not how it happens in real life.” And “We saw someone get shot the other day and that’s not what it looks like.” There’s definitely some critique in that. Refn is saying that the reality in movies seems to be dying out.…

  • New Rose Hotel

    New Rose Hotel


    Your friend sold us out to Maas. They don’t care about Hiroshi. They swapped him, for a chance to wipe out Hosaka’s entire team. 


    They turned her in Vienna. I should’ve seen it coming.

    ^ This exchange right here gives me the chills every single time. Love the slow movement over the Tokyo skyline, cross faded with X and Fox trying to leave the Hyatt hotel. 

    This is most noticeable in the scene right after they show Sandii the…