The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★

It's a Scorsese film, with all the trappings. Yes, it feels like we re-do the Goodfellas "You think I'm funny?!?" scene in a different shitty diner with less volatile results. Yes, the voiceover from Jordan is nearly Ray Liotta's VO in the previously mentioned film. Yes, actors say "fuck" roughly 600 times.


Leo is on point here, especially in his first penny stock sale. It's like watching someone weave a beautiful bracelet on one of those rainbow looms that are popular with kids right now (for some reason). Jonah Hill brings it as well, and has proven himself to have some versatility - even if his 'Wolf' character is more comic relief than serious.

Yeah, Marty could have trimmed a scene here or there, but I've also heard there is a 5 hour cut of this thing floating around in the stratosphere - which, I'm guessing is something to behold. All that said, a very good film with just the right amount of winking-and-elbowing going on, although maybe some people aren't figuring that out.

PS - now THAT'S the way you do cocaine in a film.

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