Tenet ★★

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This is Christopher Nolan's eleventh film, and it may also be his worst film as well.

I won't discuss anything that might be considered spoilers. Besides, my main issues with the film lies elsewhere anyways. I guess I can sum it up by saying that Nolan's worst tendencies have never been more apparent in one of his films. The dialogue is often drowned out by the overbearing score or bombastic set-pieces. I mean, I get that it's cool that characters discuss important plot points while sailing on a hydrofoil sailboat for some reason, but when their exposition is drowned out because of it, it kind of makes it laughable instead. The boat was really cool though, so f*ck the dialogue.

The editing is also pretty damn awful in this film. With all the f*cking spectacle going on in this film, I don't understand how they though Taken 2-level editing would be a good idea. And then there is all the blatant exposition, but it wasn't so apparent in this film as his others, mainly because i couldn't hear what they where saying anyway. The characters are also barely that. All i can say is that they where there, and that they drove the plot forward I guess.

As I said earlier, I won't touch on the story at all, not that I think I could if I wanted. The story may be brilliant, or it may be complete shit. Because the presentation was so messy as it was, I can't honestly give any thoughts on that at this time. I guess I have to see it again, which is probably what they intended.

There is a lot to like about Tenet, but whereas the positives about his films for the most part has negated most of my problems with all of his other films, I can't say the same here. It's undeniably ambitious, well crafted in all the ways I didn't specifically say otherwise, and unique. It is also one hell of a mess.

I will watch it again, so I guess they did something right. But in the meanwhile, my conclusion is that it's bad, despite me respecting a lot about it.

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