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  • Murder Party

    Murder Party


    Film #6 (66) of Hoop-Tober

    Murder Party is a different movie in the sense that during 90% of the movie our hero is strapped to a chair incapable of moving or even talking, all he does is observe as the people that plan to kill him discuss what's the artsiest way to do the deed, consume drugs, play Truth or Dare and discuss what to eat after the "party" is done.
    But it's in these characters that the movie really…

  • They Live

    They Live


    Film #5 of Hoop-Tober's Challenge 2015

    I'm here to review a movie and chew some bubblegum.
    And I have LOTS of bubblegum.

    PS: RIP Roddy Pipper

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  • Night of the Living Dead

    Night of the Living Dead


    Part of the Cinemonster's challenge: (I cannot pretty link, deal with it)

    Another classic, and one that I, being a zombie fan, was really eager to watch, sadly, it doesn't have that many zombies.
    Most of the movie is just people in the house talking. Now, I know there's nothing wrong with plot in my horror movie, but I was expecting a bit more. It's really slow at parts and can get a bit boring, but if you can…

  • Scream



    Part of the Cinemonster's challenge: (I cannot pretty link, deal with it)
    I decided that I wanted to actually do more than 31, if possible, so I'm starting this one quite soon. Onto the review:
    Finally, after 10 years, I understood all the jokes in Scary Movie. And a couple problems I had with this movie was exactly that, I was familiar with Scary Movie and so I knew a lot of the story progression, but I won't give…