Killer's Kiss ★★★½

Kubrick's second feature and a fairly solid, if somewhat generic film noir he had made.
There are signs of his greatness here but considering he did most of this alone, without the help of master craftsman around him, he did do a very good job.
It looks pretty good, it's edited fairly well, the acting is pretty good, the script is well written and the locations are unique and original.
But each one of those pieces feel a little rough around the edges, as if he hadn't quite mastered his technique yet, as though he was still learning the tricks of the trade.
It's a fun little fim noir with an interesting story and it doesn't overplay it's run time but unlike Kubrick's future work there really isn't much to make it stick out from the other generic noir's that were released in the same period.
Yeah it's good; but not great.