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  • To Live and Die in L.A.

    To Live and Die in L.A.


    Flawlessly captures the coke-fueled 80’s aesthetic so many films aspire to while simultaneously telling of one of the coolest cop dramas ever put to film. Dafoe burns counterfeit money in the nude and people get their faces blown off with shotguns, all neon-lit and set to a score from Wang Chung. It’s overwhelmingly awesome and that’s all without mentioning the fact that it’s totally unpredictable and features the single greatest car chase of all time. A perfect film that sits among my all-time favorites. William Friedkin’s masterpiece.

    Grade: A+

  • Apostle



    This is my fucking jam. Gareth Evans knows how to film an exhilarating action sequence. The visceral camerawork and gory violence from the Raid franchise can be seen here to satisfying effect. With stunning cinematography, a haunting score, excellent production design, and a constant sense of dread, you’ve got a makings of a horror classic. I find it fitting that I watched The Wicker Man (1973) for the first time earlier today, as this is basically that film on psychedelics.…

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  • The Watch

    The Watch


    Exactly how I remember it. I probably wouldn’t enjoy this movie if I didn’t like the main cast so much. The humor is inconsistent and rarely clever but the delivery from these four main actors and the entire supporting cast (Billy Crudup is comedy gold here) really save the day. It’s crude, violent, and lazy but still mildly entertaining R-rated content. 

    Grade: C+

  • Life of Crime

    Life of Crime


    After reading Elmore Leonard’s source material, ‘The Switch,’ I found the casting for these characters (some of whom are later seen in Jackie Brown/Rum Punch) to be pitch-perfect. The quick, witty dialogue from the novel is here but something about this feels a little “off.” It’s suitably fast-paced and entertaining but struggles to find a satisfying balance between the comedy and crime elements, which are both constantly involved. Also, Jennifer Aniston’s character has the biggest arc in the novel and it falls oddly flat here. 

    Grade: B-

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  • Scoob!



    As a pretty massive Scooby-Doo fan, it’s disappointing that I wasn’t able to see this one in the theater. The animation pops (I’m sure this would’ve looked great in 3D) and it provides some perfectly sufficient, light entertainment but I really expect better when studios are dealing with such a well-known property like this. It plays things a little too safe, with a forgettable turn from the solid voice cast and a few too many jokes falling flat. There are some fun moments and ideas but not much feels new here. It’s cute but Scooby-Doo deserves so much better.

    Grade: C+

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  • Won't You Be My Neighbor?

    Won't You Be My Neighbor?


    This film emulates it’s subject well because I can’t really find any flaws with it. The entire audience laughed and cried throughout and this is pretty much as feel-good as a documentary can be. The legendary humanitarian and his revolutionary little show deserved a proper film and Morgan Neville’s filmmaking style fits this subject perfectly. The excellent footage often just speaks for itself and Neville makes wonderful use of the hundreds of hours he had at his disposal. The stories…