Tenet ★★★★

After a week-long journey of revisiting Christopher Nolan's filmography, I finally got the chance to see Tenet earlier this day in IMAX. And yes, as you may have heard, it is quite the spectacle to behold. This is about as pure of a movie experience as it gets in 2020 (especially considering the conditions). But how was the film itself?

I loved it, to put it bluntly, despite its shortcomings. To get the negatives out of the way, the sound mixing did have problems and the editing was chopped too short on many occasions (there is a 3 hour cut of this out there that I'm dying to see). This is a narrative labyrinth, but also an emotional one. The main character is not really a character at all (being named The Protagonist after all). Yet this only further strengthens Nolan's aim for the viewer to insert their idea of a spy hero into John David Washington's character. In terms that would make sense in Inception, The Protagonist is a projection of the viewer's expectation. What follows is an assortment of other supporting characters that are all acted well, but ultimately, the most interesting one for me was the main villain, Andrei Sator.

I won't be spoiling anything in this review, but to put it simply, there is much more depth to Sator than you may be lead to believe. On the surface, he is a cartoonish Russian villain out of a bond movie, but in actuality his motivations and pain that drive him are born out of something much deeper. The hatred and nihilism that drive him are ultimately what define the movie's themes for me, which is why I think this has much more emotional depth than other reviewers are giving it credit for.

To sum it all up, this film is about how we hate the mistakes of our past and the ones we know we will inevitably commit in the future. The only option is to live for right now, no matter what the past held or what the future will hold. Having a crystal ball would make no difference, as you are who you are. You are lead by your faith, your convictions, your "tenets." Everything else follows.

Going to reference TDKR to end this.
"He says the leap to freedom is not about strength."
"My body makes the jump."
Yes Bruce, but only after your mind and your soul do.

I hope other people enjoy this as much as I did.

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