Coraline ★★★★½

This brings me back. Last time I saw this was when it first released. I was 4 years old, and the only thing I remembered about it was that I found it really disturbing, and that’s it. This has been in desperate need of a rewatch, so when a friend bought the Blu Ray for me today, I knew I had to finally get around to that. Yeah, wow, this might be the best stop motion I’ve ever seen (not best stop motion film, although it’s definitely up there, best stop motion animation). This is probably the most fluid stop motion animation I’ve ever seen put on screen, and if you know me, I have a very large soft spot for stop motion, so the animation alone had me mesmerized. The story was also pleasantly surprising. It had great pacing and everything seemed to flow nicely. I gotta say, I knew I wasn’t gonna find the movie as horrific as I did as a kid, but there were still quite a few moments that were genuinely creepy and intense, and it was amazing. The stunning animation on top of the superb voice acting really sold every scene and made them some of the most memorable moments in stop motion history. The intro scene alone is probably the most unnerving part of the film. Once again, I just have to commend everyone involved with this masterpiece. The sheer commitment of meticulously animating nearly every single thing in this film by hand is a hell of a feat. The fact that there’s little computer animation and that a vast majority of it is practical makes me so happy. Stop motion is such a charming process, and it makes it even more magical when everything is done practically and without computers. This film is one of many that cements my passion and love for stop motion.


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