Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★★

Today, my life has changed for the better. I think I have finally witnessed perfection. Sion Sono, thank you for making this ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE OH MY GOD! This has been one of the most enjoyable movie experiences I've ever had. This film is just so powerful and you feel for everyone. All the characters here are AMAZING and the story is just perfect. Some people might be turned off by the runtime, but DONT LET IT DISCOURAGE YOU. This film really needs every single second it has to tell this beautiful story. This needs a Criterion release so bad, but since it doesn't have one, I'm just gonna get the Blu-Ray for this whenever I can because this is 100% in the top 3 films I've ever seen. If you ever get a chance to watch a 4 hour movie, don't watch the Snyder Cut (not gonna name names Jason) but WATCH THIS beautiful creation.


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