Ralph Breaks the Internet ★★★½

It's no secret that I like animation a lot, no matter if it's in a movie format, or series, or shorts, or whatever. Since the awards season begun, I was looking forward to watch the ones that had more chance to be nominated to the Academy Awards, and this is one of those who made it to the final list.

Wi-Fi Ralph (as it was called in my country) is not as charming as the first one, but that is not a bad thing. It feels like a natural sequel, expanding the world and the conflict between the two main characters that, I have to say, I was very surprised to witness.

Cameos, references and inconsistencies aside, the core of the story it's what I found more valuable: the toxic friendship. This is a topic that has gained a lot of spotlight on recent years, and I think that it was very well represented on this story, from the start to the end. The lesson that gives us is something that can be very difficult even for us in adulthood: you have to let people go, so all of us can grow.

I loved this movie more than The Incredibles 2 (I know, it's from another studio but still counts as a Disney movie). And just to be clear: any movie that has Sonic The Hedgehog in any form, will have a turbo start for me.

I hope Disney Animation Studios makes a third and final installment.