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  • The Angel

    The Angel


    Stylish and darkly comic. El Ángel is entertaining from the first shot of Carlos breaking into a rich man’s house and doesn’t slow down from there. Lorenzo Ferro is remarkable in the lead role, nailing the slow descent from friendly petty thief to murderous sociopath perfectly. 

    And so here concludes the 54th edition of the Chicago International Film Festival. Cheers to 2019! πŸ₯‚

  • Neurotic Quest for Serenity

    Neurotic Quest for Serenity


    It can’t exactly keep up its deranged energy or comedic hijinks after the first act is done, but it’s a funny comedy with some enjoyable insanity.

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  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    β€œI’m capable of much unpleasantness.”
    β€œSome wounds do not close.”
    β€œLet’s shoot something.” 

    The Favourite is a brilliant, nasty, full-throated cackle of a movie. The funniest (and darkest) comedy of the year, with a truly stunning ensemble. Colman, Stone, and Weisz all turn in career-best work, and Nicholas Hoult has never been better. The production design, costumes, and camera work are superb. Even the use of the fish-lens is wonderful, and the script is on a level of perfection that…

  • Ocean's Eight

    Ocean's Eight


    The perfect summer movie. Just as glitzy and glamorous as the rest of the franchise, with an extraordinary cast. Laugh out loud hilarious and endlessly engaging, Ocean's 8 is one hell of a good time.