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  • Love Finds Andy Hardy

    Love Finds Andy Hardy

    watched for lana and judy and my interest ends there!

  • The Devil Is a Woman

    The Devil Is a Woman


    I love Marlene as much as the next but her fidgety, pouty petulance was so incessant and grating in this one. Grown women playing the Lolita always makes me uncomfortable (Marlene was well into her 30s when this was filmed). Plus the plot movements were so outrageous it was hard to care about anything that happened. Two stars for the costuming which are just as outrageous and far fetched as the plot but in the best way.

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  • Beatriz at Dinner

    Beatriz at Dinner


    I was too distracted by the thought that if all these people were together at a dinner party out of character, Salma Hayek would be the richest (look it up) and maybe most racist (again, look it up) in the room.

  • Cynara



    Kay.......Kay........KAY. Break my heart a little more why don't ya