Favorite films

  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • The Matador
  • Videodrome
  • GoldenEye

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  • The Incredible Shrinking Man


  • Buster Keaton Rides Again


  • The Railrodder


  • Old Joy


Recent reviews

  • The Incredible Shrinking Man

    The Incredible Shrinking Man


    "The unbelievably small and the unbelievably vast eventually meet, like the closing of a gigantic circle."

    Jack Arnold's 'The Incredible Shrinking Man' is a surprisingly harrowing and gripping sci-fi thriller, the "shrinking man" film done right, not with comedy and goofball antics but with real world predicaments and terror for someone who finds themselves merely an inch or two tall and grappling with unspeakable horrors in the process. Grant Williams is fabulous and handsome in the titular role, a man…

  • Buster Keaton Rides Again

    Buster Keaton Rides Again


    "Buster is still doing business."

    An eccentric behind-the-scenes documentary of 'The Railrodder' that is way more informative and educational about Buster Keaton's life and career than I ever would've expected, John Spotton's 'Buster Keaton Rides Again' is a joyful and intimate look into what makes Keaton tick, both on and off set.

    We see him engage with young fans, enjoy the makings of a fresh duck dinner, and even quarrel with crew members on set of the aforementioned film when…

Popular reviews

  • Nobody



    "I hope these assholes like hospital food."

    Bob Odenkirk as a lighter John Wick? Check. A killer soundtrack that totally fits with what's unfolding? Check. Heavy gore blending well with incredible comedic timing? Check.

    Ilya Naishuller's 'Nobody' is a wonderful treat, a great return to the cinemas after not having been in such a long time, and Odenkirk's Hutch Mansell, beyond sporting a damn cool name, makes for one of my favorite action heroes in a long while. He's highly…

  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    "You know what happens to you if you go through with this?"
    "I know what happens to everyone else if I don't."

    Heart-stopping and pulse-pounding, Joseph Kosinski directs one of the finest ever sequels in 'Top Gun: Maverick,' one with even more action, death-defying stunts and jaw-dropping visuals while still retaining the heart and soul of the original. It's a blockbuster that demands to be seen in theaters, with the sound design and score pulsating in your chest in equal…