Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

"All those...moments will be rain. Time to die."

Arguably the greatest science fiction film of all time, Ridley Scott's 'Blade Runner' is a magnificent world set in a grimy and seedy dystopian Los Angeles, an almost perfect neo-noir cult film that incorporates a handsome and believable performance from Harrison Ford, one of my all time favorite film scores by Vangelis, some terrifically vile and charismatic villains and a universe that's so living and breathing, you can almost reach out and taste and feel the dirt and soot and chaos that's running the streets. The usage of practical effects and models is always appreciated, letting Los Angeles step into the future (our time now) without looking ridiculous (and it's really amplified in 4K, truly a work of art). It's a film that's as atmospheric and tangible as they come; as uncomfortable as the state of things may seem, it's such a fascinating universe with endless possibilities and Scott does a brilliant job with bringing Dick's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' to the big screen, even if it didn't have the appreciation it deserved upon release.

The definitive viewing experience for me with this one is always The Final Cut - it's entirely subjective on how you enjoy seeing the film play out, but this is my favorite take on things, particularly the closing moments and the implications the events hold for the future of the characters. Beyond that, regardless of the cut, it's a film that has it all - a sweeping story that contains simplicity in an ex-cop returning for one last job, a jaw-dropping score, action, stunts, romance, some really wonderful characters (doesn't get much better than Hauer's larger than life villain Roy Batty or Olmos' mysterious Detective Gaff) and a few moments of horror and thrilling uncertainty. To me, this really is the hallmark production for how one should go about crafting a milieu so credible and entertaining - from the vendors and marketplaces to the brightly lit skies of Los Angeles, this film's attention to detail is stunning and the film as a whole is truly one of the best.

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