Lightyear ★★

"You know I can't deal with sad eyes."

Angus MacLane's 'Lightyear' is a wholly unnecessary animated spinoff that demonstrates how the over-saturation of beloved properties starts to kill the magic they once had. For me, I'm surprised at how little charm, personality, wit and entertainment it offered, but at least Sox was universally fantastic. It has some explorative, science-based fun, playing around with hyperspace, time dilation and more, but these are some pretty highbrow concepts for a kid's movie. I had no expectations for it but I'm really stunned by the lack of enjoyment I had here - a cast that's nothing special to me, drab and repetitive environments, action that's over way too soon and a lot of needless exposition that disturbs the pacing. I'll stick with the main 'Toy Story' films from here on out instead.

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