Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★★

"I'll never forgive myself for any of this."
"I forgive you."

Emerald Fennell's 'Promising Young Woman' is garish darkness, radiating in social themes and the sweet taste of revenge. It has a powerhouse performance by Carey Mulligan, easily my favorite of her career, and a terrifically foreboding and lively score, sometimes reaching the heights of glorious, musical fanfare and others evoking the horror genre. There's even a shocking revelation later on in the film that is hauntingly set to the ominous song performed by Pearl in the classic 'The Night of the Hunter,' which is executed so perfectly.

Still, this is a dark, unforgiving film, where the cost of winning is by seemingly losing it all via some of the most heavy hitting moments and twists I've enjoyed in a film in a long, long while. Mulligan propels this film forward in such a unique, powerful way and the cast surrounding her are all equally delightful or stomach-churning for what they've done and who they are. It's a tough watch at times, compounded by the subject matter and the innocent victims involved, but this technical marvel is more than worth your time and certainly a gut punch of a social statement.

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