Tomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow Never Dies ★★★

"There's no news like bad news."

Rewatch Review: Easily the weakest of Brosnan's era and a massive downgrade after the perfection that is 'Goldeneye,' Roger Spottiswoode's 'Tomorrow Never Dies' usually misses the mark while delivering a really intriguing socioeconomic plot involving the power of newspapers and world order, driven by a diabolical villain who plays like the kid genius who was constantly bullied in school and set out to conquer the world. The performances are sound, albeit only doing so much with some rather cheesy dialogue at times (the sexual innuendos couldn't be more blunt than they are in here, but that's the Brosnan era for you), David Arnold's score is simply brilliant, there are some interesting setpieces (I personally enjoy the car park sequence and the opening arms bazaar scene is quite explosive), but I always feel the film is a bit too akin to a Rambo film - Bond dual wielding weapons, endless explosions and death, the inclusion of the kung-fu (no doubt inspired by other Hollywood successes of the time, including Jackie Chan). I love the films for the spy action series that they are, but this one definitely goes a bit overboard throughout.

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