Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

"You just worry about putting your asshole back in your asshole and leave this to me."

Once again, Guy Ritchie showcases how excellent he is at juggling violence, rich characters and numerous storylines at once in 'Wrath of Man,' a Jason Statham actioner that delivers in its surprising, cold brutality and unforgiving nature while inserting a sympathetic heart into the middle of it all. By the halfway point of the film, the scenes flip and focus on the antagonists, their stories and creation, letting us sympathize in a way with them while simultaneously rooting for their demise due to some members' quick desire to slaughter the innocent in their path.

It's fast-paced yet heavily narrative and the action definitely sells well, albeit widely spaced out, deserving of another sequence or two. The ending is also abrupt, leaving out some characters that I wish we would've seen sprinkled in more scenes. Still, Ritchie once again shines with a film that's oddly unlike a lot of his other works but still feels like his own special creation at the same time and I had a damn good time with it.

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