Tenet ★★★

There is a time-bending plot as ingenious and stimulating as that of Memento buried under an alienating, Bay-like excess of bombast in Tenet. The inexcusably loud sound effects and the overpowering Zimmer-lite music not only dwarf the audibility of dialogue that seems to be crucial for grasping the complicated concepts and their ramifications but also work against the viewers' ability to immerse themselves in the action. Contrary to just about all of his previous works, Nolan deprives his lead characters (played by Washington and Pattinson) of a substantial backstory, allotting whatever emotional quotient to the Debicki/Branagh storyline. Tenet was never going to be the savior of the theatrical exhibition model because it just isn't worthy of audiences exposing themselves to health risks. Despite its flagrant weaknesses, however, the movie is helped immensely by Hoyte Van Hoytema's IMAX lensing, and is never boring.

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