Happy New Years from Crescendo House!

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Happy New Years from everyone at Crescendo House! We cannot thank everyone who has supported us along the way this year enough! We wanted to take some time today - both on the heels of the New Year and on our one-year anniversary - to reflect on some of the things we've accomplished in 2021 and share our goals for the near future!

It's hard to talk about the inception of Crescendo House without talking about our first title, Labyrinth of Cinema. Seeing Obayashi's final film for the first time (on a Japan Society stream of all places!) was refreshing for many of us; it recognized the gripes we had with the role and nature of cinema, but kept the faith alive. To us, it represents the optimism that drove us towards this project that we hope to continue in 2022: the belief that cinema could be diversified and that audiences for overlooked films & genres could be developed.

Months after our first screenings in NYC (closing out Japan Cuts 2021 and opening at the Metrograph), we have now played LoC in over twenty cities, with more screenings to come after the New Year! We can't be prouder of how this strange, anomalous three-hour long Japanese movie from two years ago has made an impact on audiences, and can't stress the big-theater experience enough - we hope you get a chance to catch it before it leaves theaters!

Continue to keep an eye on us in 2022 as we get ready for our next set of releases: Fukuoka and Ode to the Goose by Zhang Lu, a Chinese-Korean filmmaker who has long been a festival circuit mainstay, who has never received any theatrical distribution in the states before, and Bloodsuckers and Self-Criticism of a Bourgeois Dog by Julian Radlmaier, an up & coming German filmmaker with a unique style of political satire. We're aiming for release sometime in early Spring/Summer, but are ourselves in a constant state of flux with the rest of the film industry. With this spare time, we plan on really honing some of these processes to avoid the delays and inconveniences of this first release!

We hope you continue to support us and spread the news as we continue to attempt to out-scale expectations for these hidden gems in international cinema. We also wanted to thank everybody for the patience and understanding they've given us thus far. We hope you all continue to follow us as our catalogue develops and incorporates more national cinemas and voices that are not being heard in the modern American cinematic landscape!