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HOW DO THEY KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS!!! In a world where it no longer seems possible for every movie in a franchise to be a banger, Keanu Reeves and Chad Stahelski emerge from the shadows, ghostly silhouettes in black suits, and say “shhhh it’s okay. We have more dogs and Donnie Yen. We also did that overhead tracking shot you wanted, and made our universe’s version of Daredevil and the Penguin. You will see old favorites, and be introduced…

I honestly have nothing but praise for how director Chad Stahelski and star Keanu Reeves have managed to take a little but effective action film and turn it into a full-blown franchise. It’s not as though the character of John Wick has evolved much or the roots of this series have been forgotten. John Wick: Chapter 4 may be a 169-minute action epic, but it absolutely still fits alongside the first entry’s much lower profile, which involved a man getting…

Florence Pugh. There literally isn’t a role she doesn’t crush, and this might be one of my favorites. Florence and Morgan Freeman are so good together in this movie, and Zach Braff’s direction and writing were also great. A little too long, but when this movie is firing on all cylinders, it works so well.

The way I cried through most of this movie, especially the end

“I’m hugging you with my eyes!”

A really heartfelt and sincere portrayal of grief, addiction, and forgiveness. The perfect balance of sweet, funny, and sad. Florence Pugh and Morgan freeman are fantastic together and I also really enjoyed Celeste O’Connor. I don’t have many negative critiques other than a long running time, the fact that Morgan freeman’s character is a former cop and they mentioned it about four times, and why they made Florence look so GAY and her character…

how do we come to love our fates when it feels like so much of life is out of our control? 

morgan freeman was such a joy in this!!! florence pugh writing and singing original songs for this was everything to me!!

A Good Person

A Good Person


I swear Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman were manufactured to make you sob uncontrollably.

Dardenne brothers don't miss; I'm baffled to see the mixed reviews on this site because I thought this was genuinely excellent. All their movies feel so swift and engaging, but this ends with such a shocker of a climax the whole crowd gasped in unison.

Like their other films, the Dardennes don't hold back on their raw depiction of life in the lower class, and despite similar topic matters in most of their films, they still find a way to…

Rye Lane

Rye Lane


This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

You know when people say “the city was a character” when discussing every other Rom Com movie to the point it’s kind of become meaningless? Well this is the first time I’ve actually felt you could say it and mean it unironically. What initially feels like a peculiar choice, the constant use of wide angle lense allows you to see up close the idiosyncrasies of two people falling for one another while also creating space in the frame to appreciate…