2020 Year in Review

축하해요 to Lee Isaac Chung and the Minari cast and crew on reaching the highest-rated spot in our 2020 Year in Review. Congratulations also to Tenet director Christopher Nolan on finishing the year as our most watched director, and with the most popular film. As voted by you, Lee Isaac Chung’s Minari, Chloé Zhao’s Nomadland and Pete Docter’s Soul are the three highest-rated films of 2020, while Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is the year’s most popular film. Dive in, or read our news post for some behind-the-scenes insights. The 2020 Letterboxd Year…

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Sharp, cynical, and stylish. Gourav, Rao, and Chopra are all good in this, and the best parts deal with the layered dynamic that forms between them. Ashok (Rao) and Pinky (Chopra) don’t want to see themselves as masters, with Balram (Gourav) as their devoted serf, but easily and naturally treat him that way when it’s most convenient. When Balram describes Ashok to another driver as “a good man,” the other scoffs: “He’s a rich man.” Wealth relies on a certain innate…

Cliché, cheesy, CGI filled, hilariously mapped out, melodramatic disaster movie trash from China.

Bonus Jason Isaacs doing a terrible South African accent.

And I enjoyed every minute of it!

They don't make them like this anymore. So sometimes, when somebody says what the hell and does it anyway, it's a nice surprise.

The people in this town used to look up to me. Even the adults. I was so far ahead of the game and... one day I just woke up behind.

2020 Ranked:

Goddamnit, this was great. The Kid Detective is one of those rare movies that knows exactly what it wants to be. Even more rare, it executes on what it wants to be so well that it actually becomes what it desired. It is a brilliant amalgamation of mystery,…

No, I'm not joking with that rating. This movie was bugnuts crazy and I'd watch it again right now if I could.

Not since Mandy have I been so surprised by a film taking C-movie ingredients and going wild with them. This isn't as good as Mandy (because hardly anything is), but like with that film I left the cinema with a big grin on my face.

The movie hooked me right away with a one-two-three punch. First a hilarious…

the marketing had me convinced this was a romcom and then i saw people call it a heist movie? but it really is just a mediocre mumblecore movie. which is fine! some people just gotta make things nowadays, yknow? and if youre gonna make your movie into some bad swanberg or bad soderberg project, i guess those aren't the worst two people to imitate on the cheap

Really enjoyed this piece of fan fiction because it does a couple of things shockingly well: 

First, despite this obviously being adapted from a one room play it’s shot incredibly dynamically. Wonderful framing, great slow push ins and micro camera movements to keep any given scene of two to four people standing in a room (or a car or a hallway or a roof) still genuinely interesting to watch. Even the artsy shots circling around behind the action or through…

Kino / Zeitgeist Virtual Cinema.

The first great documentary of 2021. An often poetic, occasionally upsetting, and consistently thought-provoking vérité portrait of the Enache family - Dad, Mom, and nine children -- who are obliged to transition (often traumatically) from a life off the grid to an existence within the 21st-century EU system. The film often evokes the recent Macedonian beekeeping doc 'Honeyland', mostly because director Radu Ciorniciuc similarly avoids didacticism about traditionalism vs. modernism (among many, many other themes).…

Farewell Amor

Farewell Amor


hi friends! the coolest thing has happened! i have my first freelance piece up on the letterboxd editorial site!!!! this interview was so fun and i'm so grateful!!!

There’s a subtle musicality central to the way Ekwa Msangi carries herself. She finds melodies in her words: “You hum the ‘m’,” she says when asked how to pronounce her last name. “Mmm-sangi.” And perhaps to a more subconscious degree, she speaks with rhythm, too: “I do think, and I know,…