Drawn into 2022: Animation Anticipation

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From stop-motion to anime, and fantasy epics to family histories, Kambole Campbell presents our bumper 2022 animation preview (and recaps his 2021 favorites).

2021 was a mighty impressive year for animation, and 2022 looks to be just as good. In our latest article on Journal, animation correspondent Kambole Campbell begins by recapping the biggest hits of the past year—including many of the titles from his 2021 animation preview. As Kambole writes, “The Mitchells vs. the Machines continued the work of the Spider-Verse in combining the idiosyncrasies of 2D animation with CG”, while on the Pixar side of things, “Luca brought a shorter, more plot-driven pep to that studio’s output.”

Other 2021 faves included The Summit of the Gods, from director Patrick Imbert—who Kambole had a chat with earlier this year. We also had our finger on the animation pulse in conversations with The Spine of Night directors Morgan Galen King and Philip Gellatt, and Cryptozoo filmmakers Dash Shaw and Jane Samborski

So, what is there to look out for in 2022? With everything from large-scale fantasy epics to intergenerational family histories and hand-painted adaptations of Nobel Prize-winning literature to choose from, Kambole has narrowed down ten animated features (and a few honorable mentions) for your 2022 watchlists. 

From big-name selections like Guillermo del Toro’s much-anticipated Pinocchio and the follow-up from Loving Vincent’s co-director Dorota Kobiela, The Peasants, to the latest from GKIDS—Belle, INU-OH, The Deer King—you’re not going to want to miss any of these. 

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