Magic Hour: Ruben Östlund in conversation with Jim Cummings about the secrets behind Triangle of Sadness

In our latest Magic Hour conversation, Ruben Östlund superfan Jim Cummings interrogates the Triangle of Sadness filmmaker about his openness to ideas from others, seasickness on set and how to disgust an audience.

The actors never knew when the button for their vomit tube would be activated. The crew got seasick from the hydraulics of the purpose-built yacht interior. A film student gave the director the idea for the third act’s pivotal character. The final take of a scene was started with the bang of a gong.

These are some of the tasty Triangle of Sadness tidbits we learn from Palme d’Or award-winning filmmaker Ruben Östlund in his Magic Hour conversation with Jim Cummings.

Watch the full video on our YouTube channel, and read the highlights of the conversation on Journal.

Triangle of Sadness’ is in US cinemas now via NEON, with thanks to Ginsberg Libby for their help in making this interview possible.