Nicolas Cage gives more detail on his four favorite films

After sharing his four favorite films with us at the world premiere of Dream Scenario in Toronto, Nicolas Cage returns to give us more detail on his picks.

What were you watching when you were five years old? Nicolas Cage knows, and is digging deep to tell us about his four favorite movies to celebrate the release of Dream Scenario.

The actor remembers the first time he saw Juliet of the Spirits as a young child, looking back on watching movies on his dad's projector at home. "I was mostly taken by Giulietta Masina's performance, I felt so bad for her. It was really a study in dignity, her character," he says.

For The 400 Blows, it's the image of the kid on the beach at the end that gets Cage—and for the rest, you can catch up with his picks in the video above.

Dream Scenario is now playing in theaters across the US and UK.