Punk Rock and Party Girls: on shelves and screens this month

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John Woo, Parker Posey, Willem Dafoe and more are ready to line your shelves and repertory screens in the latest edition of Shelf Life.

This month in Shelf Life, a public service announcement! A movie that I wrote about in last month’s edition, Second Sight’s limited edition 4K UHD of Martin, was delayed from its February release date and is now set to drop at the end of this month. It happens in the world of physical releases from time to time, and digging into the details would be pouring salt into a wound for both the people making the thing and the people waiting on it.

While we all wait for Martin, there are plenty more new releases to order up—and if you have a Pro or Patron membership, don’t forget Letterboxd allows you to track and filter the films you own. So if you haven’t already, make a list of the films in your physical collection and tag that list “own” to tell the app that all the films in that list are in your shelves already. We’ll remind you when you visit the page of a film you own (web and iOS, and coming to Android soon).

Read the latest edition of Shelf Life on Journal now to see this month’s highlights including Party Girl, Streets of Fire on 4K and John Woo on Criterion.