The Mountain Goats' John Darnielle shares his four favorite movies

John Darnielle (The Mountain Goats) is a musician, novelist, podcaster, and film fan. And these are his four favorite films. The band's new album, 'Jenny From Thebes', is out now.

John Darnielle keeps a lot of lists of favorites, including his favorite foods—but we pushed him to new challenges today as we sifted through his four favorite movies. It begins with his "favorite movie of all time", The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. "I like things that were made under difficult conditions," the musician admits.

And then we take a left turn with The Wizard of Oz, accurate line readings and endearing anecdotes and all: "I was afraid she would be hurt." Still time to catch up, John. Elsewhere, the musician talks Criterion editions, movies that make him cry, and the one phone number that charges you more to call—that's 967-EVIL. NSFW, folks. Full list in the video above!

Stream 'Jenny From Thebes' via Merge Records now.