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"Well that my friend, is the magic of the movies."
I went into this expecting it to be a hit piece on Welles, Hearst, Hollywood in general, and on the moguls and men in power who take down the dreams of every idealist.
Yes, it is all those things. It is filled with anger, frustration, and sometimes even betrayal - feelings Fincher is all too familiar with as an artist.
But it's more than just hate, Kane wasn't made because of hate and neither was Mank.
It's a love letter, addressed to the movies.
Mank understands that movies are never just one man - they are actors, directors, writers, and every job in between.
Mank isn't just David Fincher, it's also his father Jack Fincher.
It's Gary Oldman.
It's Trent Renzor and Atticus Ross.
It's the cinematographer, the set decorator, the editor.
One man's genius is the spark that gets the cameras rolling and that's what leads us to the true magic of the movies. That spark doesn't belong to the man once the film rolls, it belongs to the world.
Mank, like Citizen Kane, is now a work of film genius that belongs to the world.
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