Hereditary ★★★★★

strap in ladies. it’s time for a rant. 

I LOVED THIS MOVIE. I FUCKING LOVED IT. but guess what? i was seated next to three people who talked, texted and made phone calls through the WHOLE FILM.

i wanted a long time for this movie and i’m a huge horror buff y’all. but i wasn’t scared a minute of this SCARY ASS FILM because these inconsiderate people completely took me out of the atmosphere. i am disappointed and angry forreal!!

and when i asked them (politely!!!!) to not make phone calls in a theater, one of them said i was a bitch because her child was sick. WHAT!! WHY ARE U HERE!!!

the kicker was that when it ended, they all got up and said they hated the film. nice! thanks for ruining my experience then!

in conclusion: see this film. maybe see it in the middle of the day when you won’t have so many distractions. and please, don’t fucking talk during a film. for all our sakes.

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