Lamb ★★★

what did i just watch... 

the majority of my friends and i are always excited when a new a24 film releases, especially when its and odd one. this one obviously caught our eyes. 

i got the opportunity to see this with my friends as well which made the experience of this film way better. this movie is... hilarious. its not that bad but its just funny to watch. the highlight of the film is obviously the lamb thats a kid. that was hilarious. the ending is bonkers and funny however...

the ending is very abrupt and quick. i wanted to see more at the end but there just wasn't much more. its very slow at the beginning and the performances are nothing insane. if you dont like foreign films with subtitles this definitely isnt the movie for you either as the whole thing is in icelandic or some shit. 

i think what really carried this film was the theater experience with my friends. just a great time and honestly id watch it again but only with friends.

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