"What do you see?"

*cue inspiring music and cheering from soldiers*

Ummmmm Nolan? This is getting a little too cheesy for me.

My issues with the film:
- terrible dialogue from Kenneth Branagh
- harry styles had more screen time than cillian murphy
- lack of emotional connection to characters (for me at least)
- the out-of-order storylines were so unnecessary??? If you're gonna mess with the narrative of a story, go big or go home. In Dunkirk, out of order just means "harry styles is on this boat! wait now he's on this boat! back to tom hardy in a plane"

Ok, so what did I like about the movie? Besides the obvious technical/visual achievements, there was something so tense and devastating about the story that I feel like i can't go lower than 3.5.

I'm still reflecting on the movie, but I can say with confidence it is not a Nolan masterpiece. Sorry.

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