F9 is filled with absolutely ridiculous action sequences that defy every law of physics and anatomy - and I wouldn't have my Fast and Furious movies any other way! For knowing literally nothing about Fast and Furious before last year, I have really grown to love this franchise. Each movie has veered into increasingly stupid plot points but they've all got heart! What more do you need than fast cars, fun action sequences, and Vin Diesel teaching us the importance of family?

Plus we got Han back :)

I really liked the flashback sequences (featuring Micheal from Peaky Blinders? didn't see that one coming) and I hope we see a lot more from Han and Elle in the next one. I still think Cipher is a horrible character and hopefully Charlize Theron goes to film Atomic Blonde 2 or something instead.

Side note: despite being relatively empty, my theater was SO loud... people talking and using their phones and fidgeting with the seats the whole time - the woman next to me was checking her EMAIL during the Han scene??? Have people forgotten they're no longer at home?

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