Quick! Someone who's never seen Thunderball before, explain what's happening here.

Case File 4:
007, your mission is to recover two stolen atomic bombs that SPECTRE stole in order to extort £100 million from NATO (really living up to the E in that acronym, huh?). Conveniently, you can do this by wooing the beautiful Domino Derval in the Bahamas. "Man, why does 007 get all the good assignments?", all the other 00 agents ask in unison.

-The Bahamas, baby!

The Bad Guy:
-Emilio Largo (Number 2): hmmm how can we make this guy look evil... An eyepatch, perfect!
-Various other henchmen who were too unmemorable

Bond Girls:
- Domino Derval: Solitaire > Domino
- Fiona Volpe: guess boas aren't bulletproof. seriously though, Fiona is a great evil Bond girl
-Patricia Fearing: Um, let's just ignore the fact that Bond just blackmailed her into having sex *nervous laughter*
(Confession: all the women in this movie look alike and I could not tell them apart)

-Felix Leiter: Actor #3!
-Paula Caplan: a CIA agent? who for some reason is wearing a bikini 24/7 (not really appropriate work attire, but I digress)

- A car with a bulletproof shield and high-pressure water hoses
-A heckin' jet pack!!!
-A Geiger counter
-A underwater camera, a backup breathing device, a flare, a homing device...all of these are a bit too practical for my taste

-Thunderball: good, but nothing special. Interesting how they integrated the general Bond theme into the song.
-I really liked the tune that played in dramatic moments

Title Sequence:
-Black silhouettes of women and scuba divers swimming through water. Once again, good but nothing special. Lot of harpoon imagery.

Witty One-Liner of the Day:
"What sharp eyes you've got.
Wait till you get to my teeth."
😏 Wait, what does that even mean?

"Aren't you in the wrong room Mr. Bond?
Not from where I'm standing"
😏 That's better.

Case Notes:
- Sean Connery strapping on a helmet before flying away on a ridiculous jet pack is one of the funniest things I've ever watched.
- This won't be the last time we'll see some nefarious plastic surgery... and sharks...
- The relationship between Q and Bond remains one of the best things about the Bond series.
- Did anyone notice the dog taking a piss in the middle of the street?
- Man, Bond kills a lot of people in this one.
- Thunderball is definitely my least favorite Bond so far. The plot just couldn't hold my attention.
- Has anyone read the Alex Rider book series (AKA the "teenage James Bond" series)? Skeleton Key is very reminiscent of Thunderball.

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