Tenet ½

nolan has reached peak ego. and i mean like real ego, like lars von trier levels of ego. even films like inception and interstellar had some semblance of understanding and intent put into them. or at the very least they deliver on what they aim to sell to the viewer, even if they have no clue what they're talking about. but tenet genuinely borders on self parody: the cinematography is more concerned with how "hype" everything looks than conveying information, you can hardly hear people speaking over the soundtrack, and when you can hear them they're just attempting to stretch out scenes by saying words like "nuclear", "protagonist" and "entropy". and in classic nolan fashion, making a scene as hard to understand as possible equals complexity and art. and if you can't follow what's happening, don't blame him, you probably just didn't get it! the movie is about very complex things of course, like time inversions and cold wars and politics and physics. and yet at the same time, he wishes to appeal to the lowest common denominator viewer he can. and those two elements combine into needlessly shortened explanations, awkwardly fast cuts and a complete disregard for the viewer's experience at all. i mean, that's what all the best directors do right? christopher nolan is the 10yo trying to impress his older sibling's friends, but with none of the naive charm. it's generic, it's self important, careless, cheap, and worst of all, it completely mishandles an all star cast by giving them absolutely no characters to follow. i mean, robert pattinson has been in worse, albeit more enjoyable films in the past, but why did you have to do my girl elizabeth debicki like that? if i wanted to see her be the wife of an abusive russian scumbag, i'd go and watch widows. and if i wanted to go and watch a nolan movie where things happen in reverse, i'd watch memento. i'd recommend you do the same, save yourself the time

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