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I don't claim to be an authority on anything.

I make comics.

Favorite films

  • Looking for Langston
  • Leather Jacket Love Story
  • Twisted Issues
  • Abuse

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  • Stonewall


  • One Piece: Strong World


  • Fresh Kill


  • Hide and Seek


Recent reviews

  • Stonewall



    Dated in the ways you'd expect from a film released in the 90s (cis male actors playing trans women). And the need to tell this story from the pov of a cis white gay character will never not feel condescending. Though to give this credit it uses said cis gay character to interrogate the politics of cis gay spaces. The film makes an effort to contrast the politics of the Mattachine Society (defined by respectability, whiteness, and peaceful protest) with…

  • Hide and Seek

    Hide and Seek


    Thinking about how when I was a child I became weirdly obsessed with Peter Pan after watching the 2003 film adaption only to realize later that obsession was due to having a huge crush on the actor, Jeremy Sumpter.

Popular reviews

  • Greetings from Africa

    Greetings from Africa

    In a better world, Cheryl Dunye would've blown up and be a household name and we would all be blessed with a plethora of smart, lesbian romcoms.

  • Black Is … Black Ain’t

    Black Is … Black Ain’t


    I never realized my own silence until I watched this film. While a lot of the issues addressed here is common knowledge to me, it's Marlon Riggs voice and perspective that makes it profound.

    I too was overcomed with joy discovering A Portrait of Jason as I hung on to every word uttered by this unabashedly queer black femme as he acted as my only window to the past (there are times when I feel cheated because no one ever…