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This review may contain spoilers.

Rosemary's Baby, but for dummies.

Look, I get what it's going for; grief-stricken characters believing they have control over their life only to realize they actually don't (think of the motif of building miniatures of real life events to cope with them). But this is edgy bullshit masquerading as high-art. Am I supposed to be scared? Unnerved? How can I be when the film keeps piling on more and more violent extremes? There's a scene where the mother explains her grief to a group of people, in her speech she goes on and on about how her brother committed suicide, her mother was a vulture, and her complex relationship with her dad. It's so extreme I honestly couldn't tell if this was supposed to be taken seriously or not. But the film does take it seriously. It takes all of it's extremity seriously. It's not enough that the daughter is creepy she also has to be a medium for a Satanist cult; it's not enough that the brother killed his sister(which is never really dwelled upon by the way) he's also the chosen vessel for possession; it's not enough for the mother to be experiencing visions from her grief she also has to be a medium, possessed by a demon, and be a ringleader of hell. There's no solid base here, everything has to be a hat on top of another hat!

By the time the mother was stabbing herself with 2 knives with perfect comedic timing, I was officially done with this movie.

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