• Dracula



    Was it really necessary for the bee to have a bee-sized coffin? Did Dracula have that commissioned specifically for that bee? The mind races with questions.

  • They/Them


    Queer horror is in her flop era right now.

  • The Pirate

    The Pirate


    Perhaps the hottest Gene Kelly has ever looked onscreen.

  • Rock-A-Doodle


    Really like how the world runs on child logic. The only way to fend off the bad guys is with a flashlight, the adult world portrayed as a city that never sleeps with neon lights and late night bars, also love that this implied animal society operates using human-sized furniture and vehicles. Only misstep (aside from the script) is the overbearing narration coming and going in the middle of the musical numbers.

  • Belle


    The problem with this is that 50% is actually good and affecting and the other 50% is the fucking stupidest shit you've ever seen. So you'll be like getting into the movie's groove only to be blindsided by the most out there narrative choice, like what do you mean this tiktok teen confronted the kid's abusive dad alone and just LEAVES THEM WITH THE ABUSIVE FATHER?!!!

  • Nope



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Thinking that metatexually this might be about Peele trying to tame the beast of balancing his creative vision with the demands of studio filmmaking. Trying his hardest not to be swallowed up by the very thing he wishes to show off to his audience. Us had him stretching himself thin as the movie walked a tightrope of explaining too much and explaining too little. Nope is the far better film but you can still feel him struggling to unify plot and theme as this film reaches its final act. Sad that the bone chilling set piece of the second act was never topped.

  • Death and Transfiguration

    Death and Transfiguration

    Genuinely love that I've been pairing Sam Raimi movies with a Terrence Davies movies these past few weeks. The two have no thematic or stylistic similarities, I just love double billing these two masters with each other. 🤗

  • Within the Woods

    Within the Woods

    Now this is cinema.

  • The Bob's Burgers Movie

    The Bob's Burgers Movie


    Wish this fully committed to being a musical.

  • The Delta

    The Delta


    There's an interesting trend in queer media right now of portraying gay couples as interracial relationships. This in of itself isn't a bad thing but you do quickly notice how a lot of this media exclusively pairs a white character with a POC character and very rarely is it POC with another POC. I mentioned in my review of Andrew Heigh's Looking: The Movie that this revealed the limited imaginations of white artist that they can't imagine queerness outside of…

  • The Delta

    The Delta


    This movie was made specifically for me. In fact it might just end up being a new favorite. Might write more on this later.

  • The Neon Bible

    The Neon Bible


    Davies seems a bit lost in navigating a cultural nostalgia that's not his own. None of the narrative digressions flow together into a complete whole. And his insights into the American past (the racism, the intolerance of the church, the oppressiveness of the patriarchy) are straightforward and obvious.
    What keeps this film together is the relationship between David, his Aunt, and his mother. An amalgamation of the push and pull between exploring the wider world vs finding contentment in where…