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  • The Swimmers


  • Casablanca


  • Moonage Daydream


  • One Year, One Night


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  • The Swimmers

    The Swimmers


    Thanks to the goddesses of cinema for this movie.
    Finally a film which talks about refugees without white saviours or from the”misery porn” angle.

    It was lovely, full of light, surreal at times. Also crude and chilling. But always with hope, and specially with empathy.

  • Casablanca



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Esta movie lo tiene todo:
    Un triángulo de amor antifascista, diálogos on point, un cast H E R M O S O y un soundtrack bellísimo.

    Además *Spoiler alert* 
    No hay nada más satisfactorio que dispararle a un nazi. 

    Siempre tendremos Paris.

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  • Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up


    The cringe this movie provoked on me was so real, because it is a true mirror of our current situation as human beings. This ultra capitalist view of the world where even our imminent doom can be profited feels like an uncanny Valley of our existence.

    I laugh it all out because the parallels can’t be unseen. 

    Anyway, we do deserve the meteorite.

  • Arde Madrid

    Arde Madrid


    Después del 2020, daría el reino de España por una fiesta en la casa de Ava....