Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★

Django, the stylized western is back with Tarantino's take on Django. With beauty violence and a hard focus on slavery, it's not hard to see why many might not like it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, in all honesty it's a simple story but Tarantino brings it to life with some great cinematography especially on people. Lots of performances worked better then I thought and always committed 100 percent, plus our protagonist Django portrayed unflinching by Jamie Foxx is astounding, I could watch 3 more westerns with him starring. Quentin throughly entertained me with the lively characters but never let me forgot the harsh reality of slavery and I understand why people would be offended by the history being made into a revenge action western, I loved it because it focused on a different type of Django; A classic spaghetti western character portrayed countless times by different actors but there's something special about seeing that type of dirty western done in modern times. The western has evolved countless times but Tarantino knows what made them a hella of alot of fun to watch in the first place but does something new with slavery being a major component of the film. Now I'm no expert on the depiction of slavery in film( i wanna see more movies) but I had a great time watching Django come from nothing into a powerful bounty hunter in a time where seeing a black man on a horse was something, then proceed to take justice upon the people whom slaved him and then proceeding to shooting them in the fucking face with explosive firepower and free whom he sees fit, but not before doing intense shit to serve his own purpose which drives an edge to his views. I just had a ball but I felt like the musical choices were strange, the sudden pop/rap songs were weird because they to me didnt feel appropriate for the setting but it's kind of bold to put them in, like wise with some comedic moments but in the end I still throughly enjoyed another one Tarantino's outrageous period pieces. Hopeful for a sequel and not a shitty cameo in a seth mcfarlane movie.

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