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  • Lawless



    So, LAWLESS was incredibly pointless. Everything about it has been done before. I'm fine with conventions--they're conventions for a reason--but there was truly no reason to make this movie. It brings nothing new to the genre. There's nothing to recommend it other than Guy Pearce's incredibly fun performance.

  • Hunger



    HUNGER is a visually stunning film. The dialogue (aside from the 20-minute stretch in the middle) is minimal. What I like best about it is you're just thrown into events. I can imagine if you're not well-versed in the "Troubles," you might find yourself somewhat confused, but if you really watch, you're given what you need to stay afloat while watching. Much has been said about Michael Fassbender's weight loss and the long one-take scene with him and Liam Cunningham…

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  • Amadeus



    AMADEUS is my favourite film of all time. The cast is completely spot-on, the costumes and production design are beyond compare, and Milos Forman does what only he can do. Almost 30 years later the still holds up without looking or feeling dated.

  • Slap Shot

    Slap Shot


    This movie has it all: Hockey! Fighting! Swearing! Paul Newman in plaid suits and a coat with a fur collar! Sure it's dated, but it's one of the most fun movies you'll ever watch. Like, if you don't appreciate SLAP SHOT, there has to be something wrong with you.