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  • Repulsion
  • The Bird with the Crystal Plumage
  • The Deer Hunter
  • The Manson Family

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  • Inu-oh

  • Fall

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  • Drunken Master

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  • Censor


    and the Subtle Art of the Homage

    Prano Bailey-Bond's feature debut CENSOR is imaginative, brisk and fun. Having set the film during the video nasty era, the filmmakers opened the door to have so much interesting and creative ways to play. Most notably with reference material to the horror films and the politics of the time weaved in throughout the picture. Not only with historical nods that will have any horror fan shouting out names of films and the…

  • Benedetta


    Hallelujah, St. Paul!
    Or: Praise the Lord and Pass the Dildo.

    Paul Verhoeven has blessed us and brought fourth the nunsploitation to modern cinemas. And not just a low-brow, shock-and-sleaze of the grindhouse variety, although that would have been just as welcomed. St. Paul has brought his eye and knack for pure cinematic story telling to this piece. The film is much more than just solely a forbidden lesbian tale behind convent walls that you expect with the genre. It's…

Popular reviews

  • Orca



    A while ago, back in 2003, there existed the greatest television channel I've ever laid my eyeballs on. That channel was called Drive-In Classics. It specialized in showing films that would have screened back in the age of drive-ins, specifically films of the genre fair. Westers, Kung-Fu, Horror, beach comedies, it had it all! Alas this channel was a premium and you had to pay for it separate from the standard cable channels. Therefor as a poor child I was…

  • Spencer


    I saw this with a crowed of 60+ year olds. One walked out, one fell asleep, and at the end one said how she didn't get it and thought it was stupid. They all came looking for Downton Abbey but were served an atmospheric masterpiece of filmmaking instead.

    This film is hypnotic and riveting. Much like with his last feature, Jackie, Pablo Larrain manages to capture not only a period of time but the souls of those that inhabitted it…